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Book Bucket List: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

This book review is part of my 2018 Resolution to read more books of substance. It was chosen for the category “a classic book I’ve never read.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock like I had been (or assumed the 90s Disney movie A Kid in King Arthur’s Court told the same story…), A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is the Mark Twain tale of a time-traveling engineer who brings modern technology and democratic ideals to Arthurian England.

Spoiler Alert – I did not like the book at all (but I did enjoy Nick Offerman’s narration because anything Ron Swanson touches turns to gold). Continue reading “Book Bucket List: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”

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Book Bucket List: Getting to Yum

This book review is part of my 2018 Resolution to read more books of substance. It was chosen for the category “a book to make me a better parent.”

You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally when they’re ordering at a diner? 

“I’d like the chef salad please with the oil and vinegar on the side, and the apple pie a la mode,” Sally says.  Continue reading “Book Bucket List: Getting to Yum”

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Book Bucket List: Hello, Sunshine


This book review is part of my 2018 Resolution to read more books of substance. It was chosen for the category “a book about technology and/or modern culture.”

When I started Hello, Sunshine, I was intending for it to be nothing more than light, frivolous reading.

It is the story of YouTube celebrity and chef Sunshine McKenzie whose Twitter and Instagram accounts are hacked, revealing that she is a fraud. Continue reading “Book Bucket List: Hello, Sunshine”

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Book Bucket List: Conscience of a Conservative

This book review is part of my 2018 Resolution to read more books of substance. It was chosen for the category “a book by someone I agree with politically.”

I did not know who Senator Jeff Flake was until the 2016 presidential election season. As a fervent Never Trumper and Republican, I gravitated towards Republicans in office who also opposed his nomination. To those of us who still considered ourselves conservative (although possibly less Republican as time went on…), Jeff Flake became somewhat of a hero.

Continue reading “Book Bucket List: Conscience of a Conservative”

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A Mom’s Tale

My least favorite thing to hear since becoming a new mom is, “Just you wait,” normally followed by something I’ve never experienced since my child is an infant and hasn’t rolled over on her own yet, let alone been through puberty…

When someone says that to me, it sounds like, because I haven’t been a mom for as long as they have, my feelings of exhaustion, pride, fear, paranoia, or even love are somehow illegitimate or less than.

Continue reading “A Mom’s Tale”

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2018 Resolutions: Book Bucket List

I have always been a big reader. As a kid, my mom would let us “earn” screen time (time in front of the computer, play station, or television) by reading. Every 30 minutes spent reading during the week was redeemable for 30 minutes of screen time on the weekends.

I earned so much screen time during the week, I couldn’t possibly “redeem” it all.

Continue reading “2018 Resolutions: Book Bucket List”

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#MeToo and Christian Men


When I first noticed the rise of the #MeToo posts on social media, they came from the places I most expected – my friends who were active in politics and media, friends with their fingers on the pulse of social media campaigns and who were always the first to react.

Slowly, however, the #MeToos began popping up in places I least expected it – from friends who I knew from church and my years in private school.  Continue reading “#MeToo and Christian Men”

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Tiny Little Human | Review of Bringing Up Bebe

Many years ago, I posted on Facebook an article from Harper’s Bazaar that begged women to stop expecting themselves, as mothers, to “fall apart.”

The pride mothers seem to feel at  their lack of showers, lack of clean clothes, and lack of meals that didn’t consist of cold chicken nuggets or other child-centered leftovers was (and still is) baffling to me. Even if it wasn’t pride, this defeatist attitude, this reveling in mediocrity or the lowest common denominator was not a phenomenon I looked forward to.  Continue reading “Tiny Little Human | Review of Bringing Up Bebe”


The Right to Bare Arms


Dear Outraged Female Americans,

It has come to my attention that you feel personally victimized by the circulating story that Paul Ryan required a female journalist to cover her shoulders while doing her job in the Speaker’s lobby.

Not only that, but apparently the professional dress code standard itself (suits and ties for men and no sleeveless tops or open toed shoes for women) infringes on your very rights as human beings. Continue reading “The Right to Bare Arms”