New Year’s Confessions of a Shopaholic


I really wanted to start out this new year with an awesome post detailing all of my resolutions and intentions for 2017. I tossed around ideas like “blog once a week,” “save for retirement,” and “drink alcohol only on weekends.” But, I am self-aware enough to know that I am too weak to promise anything so difficult.

(Sidebar: I am definitely going on a diet, but you can’t admit that to people because they feel obligated to say stuff like, “You’re perfect the way God made you,” and then you both have to pretend no one sees the inner tube of donut holes hanging around your midsection, not to mention the implication that God is to blame for your lack of self-control when it comes to breakfast pastries.)

Anyway, resolutions should be challenging, but attainable, and also make your life better. They shouldn’t bring such dread and soul-crushing failure into your life. One’s self-esteem can only handle so much assault.

I read an article recently that suggested we make short-term goals, in addition to broader long-term goals that work hand-in-hand. This really spoke to me, since I was pretty disappointed in myself for only keeping one of my resolutions from 2016: I read 36 books.

Obviously 2017 will have some sort of reading goal for itself (spoiler alert, it’s 40 books), but at this point, I’m just going to be honest, voracious reading has become a way of life and is basically the only thing I am good at besides Facebook.

As I was considering my future life and ways in which I can improve, I came to a startling realization (just kidding, I knew it all along, but I was willing to face it): I spend a lot of money on clothes.

Working in fashion and retail is the double-edged sword of keeping you abreast of trends and providing you with hefty discounts. Who needs to pay off student loans when you look this good in a Kate Spade glitter tunic, amirite?!

After a few years of this attitude, I am left with…student debt and a closet full of clothes I only sort of like right now (but they were such a good idea at the time).

So here is my long-term goal:

In 2017, I will pare down my wardrobe, keeping only clothes, shoes, and accessories that I love to wear and that make me feel fabulous. I will sell or give away EVERYTHING else. The clothes I keep will be timeless, high quality, or at the very least, bring me oodles of joy (my Mean Girls shirt isn’t really timeless, but it’s essential). Last year, capsule wardrobes and uniforms were everywhere in the blogging world, and I’d like to do something like that for myself.

So that I am able to have measurable success as I move forward, I will start with a related, short-term goal in January:

I will not buy ANY new clothes for the entire month. No matter what happens, I will wear something I already own.

This is going to be a struggle. I am a chronic shopper and spender of money. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a book that SPEAKS TO MY SOUL, and I will probably cry multiple times this month resisting temptation.

But now that this goal is out for the world to see, feel free to keep me accountable.

Once I have a month embracing the components of my existing wardrobe, my plan is to be more prepared to face the rest of the year with fewer, yet better, clothing options.

Meanwhile, I’ll be spending plenty of time on Pinterest for outfit inspiration. And I will probably just add Confessions to my January reading list now.

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