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Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

meet cute

Meet-cute (n.) – a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners (as in a movie)


On her first day of law school Kailyn Flowers literally trips over a gorgeous fellow student, who happens to be former child TV star Daxton Hughes, who happens also to be the object of her most ardent high school crush. Kailyn epically fangirls and Daxton is surprisingly charmed by this behavior, thus beginning her friendship with Daxton and reigniting the dreams of Beliebers everywhere (and providing the inspiration for the book’s title).

By the end of law school, Dax and Kailyn have a falling out and do not see each other again until years later when Dax needs professional legal help. Having recently and tragically gained guardianship of his 13 year old sister Emme, Dax leans on Kailyn to guide him through the tumultuous grounds of parenting a teenage girl and fighting a custody battle with a scheming and villainous aunt.

Even though she harbors resentment from the past, Kailyn helps Daxton and their professional relationship quickly becomes flirty, neither able to deny their chemistry. Will Kailyn be able to forgive Daxton’s betrayal in law school? And will she be able to earn the trust of a man gutted by unimaginable life circumstances?

(Spoilers may be ahead)

The cover of Meet Cute is fun and adorable. And if you stopped reading the summary after the first paragraph, you’d think the story would be equally fun and adorable. But it’s not. So you would be disappointed. And unfortunately, that was my experience.

I definitely expected Meet Cute to be a lighthearted rom-com that would make me smile and swoon with it’s predictable, yet charming, story line of a regular girl and a dreamy celebrity who fall in love. And since that was my expectation, I was definitely thrown. Not to say this is a “serious” legal drama, but it’s definitely not as cheery as the cover suggests. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and all that.

Anyway, my problems with the book may be tainted by my incorrect assumptions, but I do have rational objections.

The dialogue felt robotic and I never connected emotionally to any of the characters. The story switches perspectives often, but the characters are so one-dimensional that I often confused who was speaking.

Kailyn kept too many secrets from Daxton (ok, pause, also the names. I can’t. They’re so trendy and trying way too hard to be “hip.” I could not take them seriously) and she flip flopped too easily between wanting to be professional and wanting to be romantically involved. I didn’t believe her inner turmoil at all.

Daxton’s sister Emme was the most likable character and had quite a few amusing little story lines. She alone earns this book 3 stars. But overall, I was disappointed.

(How many times can I say that? Sorry Helena Hunting, I think this is my problem and I am working through it!)

Basically, if you like romance novels (there are a handful of…ahem…intimate scenes), you will probably enjoy this. But I needed more.

3/5 stars. Meh.


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