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Mercy Road by Ann Howard Creel

mercy road

In 1917, Arlene Favier leaves Kentucky after a fire burns down her childhood home. Suddenly in desperate need of money, Arlene finds herself as an ambulance driver in war-torn France with the female-led American Women’s Hospital. She and her fellow female ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors, and surgeons face danger and unparalleled tragedy as they care for civilians and soldiers at the Front.

While working, Arlene catches the attention of a suave but treacherous Captain Felix Brohammer and reunites with childhood friend Jimmy Tucker, leading to a precarious love triangle that threatens both Jimmy and Arlene’s futures.

I really enjoyed the history and the story in Mercy Road. I did not know about the American Women’s Hospital before reading, so it was a lot of fun to learn about such a strong and brave group of ladies. The supporting cast of characters is colorful and entertaining, and the descriptions of the French countryside and the work done by the AWH were obviously well-researched.

I am a sucker for a wartime romance, so Arlene and Jimmy’s relationship would have been enjoyable enough for me. But the added drama and plot twists with Captain Brohammer were just so exciting and made the book that much better.

However, I struggled a bit with the writing style of the author. There were enough awkwardly constructed sentences for it to be distracting to me. And I found the ending disappointing and short. I would have loved a few more chapters.

But overall, the story is 100% worthwhile and I will definitely read other books by this author.

(Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC. To be released November 2019.)

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