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My entire childhood was spent reading 100 books a year and writing fake reports for my teacher mom to “grade.” I discussed countless topics, ranging from the migratory patterns of humpback whales to the Huns’ path of destruction through Asia and Europe. My favorite reports were obviously about the great European royal families of past ages.

Unfortunately for my mother, she encouraged this bizarre pastime a little too much, and I have a shelf full of dog eared and highlighted encyclopedias and history books to show for it.

But as a child I also wrote plays, stories, and poems, inspired by characters like Jo March and Anne Shirley, wishing I was more whimsical and artistic. These creative pieces did not receive the same glowing feedback, although one poem (with illustrations) did stay taped to an aunt’s refrigerator for a miraculous number of years.

I spent my college days reading and studying Political Theory, figuring that, if I was going to write 30-50 page papers, I would write about the most important things. Man is, after all, by nature a “political animal;” and as a resident of the DMV, I was the most political of all.

Democracy and monarchy, feminism, Just War Theory, and virtue and human nature were all topics covered by my voluminous college writing career.

Fast forward many years after graduation, and I find myself far away from the hustle and politics of DC, but still writing plenty of opinions about the things that matter most.

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I studied political theory in college and my favorite philosopher was, of course, Plato. I worked in DC for a few years at a government think tank before I married my naval officer husband and moved away. At our first duty station, I pursued my other interests and worked for kate spade new york in visual merchandizing at a retail store.

I struggled to reconcile these two parts of my personality for a while – the brainy, nerdy policy and philosophy side with the loud, romantic, glittery side. But instead of fighting it or trying to explain it, I just decided to embrace it and go with it.

Glitter and Plato will show you books that appeal to the policy nerds and books that are straight up chick lit. I enjoy both and I hope you will find something you enjoy here too!

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