The Book I Wish I Wrote – A Review of Jesus and John Wayne

Jesus and John Wayne by Kristin Kobes Du Mez, a professor of history and gender at Calvin University in Michigan, was a project born of the question: How was Donald Trump, the seeming antithesis to Christian social ethics embodied, able to capture the hearts (and votes) of an overwhelming majority of conservative evangelicals in 2016?… Continue reading The Book I Wish I Wrote – A Review of Jesus and John Wayne


Please Stop Using the Military as Your Trump Card

The most exciting news piece of the week has come in the form of an article published yesterday in The Atlantic. In it, anonymous sources describe many offensive remarks Trump has made over the last few years that show an extreme disrespect towards the military. In response to this article, White House officials have been… Continue reading Please Stop Using the Military as Your Trump Card


100 Years of Women’s Equality…?

Today is August 26, 2020, Women's Equality Day*, the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment. "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." Amazing that this sentence could be so controversial. Amazing that, even today,… Continue reading 100 Years of Women’s Equality…?

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“Boys will be Boys” and that is the whole of the problem

A 25 year old candidate for congress from the ultra conservative region of western North Carolina (the same district where Trump’s Chief of Staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows is from) has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple young women. Briefly, Madison Cawthorn has been accused of repeatedly forcefully kissing young women who have said… Continue reading “Boys will be Boys” and that is the whole of the problem


Thoughts on Service Members and Food Stamps

Taken from an old Facebook post. The news that the White House is against service members using food assistance programs is INFURIATING. Why is it ok that military service members are paid so little they even need SNAP or WIC to feed their families IN THE FIRST PLACE? And now you're trying to take that… Continue reading Thoughts on Service Members and Food Stamps

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A Mom’s Tale

My least favorite thing to hear since becoming a new mom is, "Just you wait," normally followed by something I've never experienced since my child is an infant and hasn't rolled over on her own yet, let alone been through puberty... When someone says that to me, it sounds like, because I haven't been a… Continue reading A Mom’s Tale

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#MeToo and Christian Men

When I first noticed the rise of the #MeToo posts on social media, they came from the places I most expected - my friends who were active in politics and media, friends with their fingers on the pulse of social media campaigns and who were always the first to react. Slowly, however, the #MeToos began… Continue reading #MeToo and Christian Men

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Dear Congressman

I complain often enough on social media about Congress, especially regarding their treatment of the military. But complaining doesn't change anything. So I decided to contact a few Representatives who are doing some positive work for military families and let them know how I feel. --- Dear Congressman, I must first confess that, as a Navy… Continue reading Dear Congressman

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Never Trump

Ronald Reagan famously said that the he didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left him. The implication here is of course that Reagan’s beliefs didn’t change, but that the Democrats drifted so far left that they left (haha) him behind. Eighteen-year-old Megan voted Republican because she was raised to - raised to believe… Continue reading Never Trump