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#MeToo and Christian Men

When I first noticed the rise of the #MeToo posts on social media, they came from the places I most expected - my friends who were active in politics and media, friends with their fingers on the pulse of social media campaigns and who were always the first to react. Slowly, however, the #MeToos began… Continue reading #MeToo and Christian Men

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Brock Allen Turner

By now, you ought to know the details  - young man sexually assaults unconscious woman behind a convicted of 3 felonies...sentenced to 6 months in jail. You also know all about his swimming talent, that he was an All-American athlete and a Stanford each of these things somehow makes his crimes ok. Thanks… Continue reading Brock Allen Turner

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Me Before You

I don’t remember why I really wanted to read Jojo Moyes’s book Me Before You. I read it well before the movie was released, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. (Spoilers ahead.)  I knew the book had something to do with a quirky girl (Louisa) and a quadriplegic (Will), and… Continue reading Me Before You