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Book Bucket List: Hello, Sunshine

This book review is part of my 2018 Resolution to read more books of substance. It was chosen for the category "a book about technology and/or modern culture." When I started Hello, Sunshine, I was intending for it to be nothing more than light, frivolous reading. It is the story of YouTube celebrity and chef… Continue reading Book Bucket List: Hello, Sunshine

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#MeToo and Christian Men

When I first noticed the rise of the #MeToo posts on social media, they came from the places I most expected - my friends who were active in politics and media, friends with their fingers on the pulse of social media campaigns and who were always the first to react. Slowly, however, the #MeToos began… Continue reading #MeToo and Christian Men


I’m Losing the War on Christmas

If you have ever worked retail during the holiday season, you know the sheer terror that quakes in your soul when you realize Halloween is over and, suddenly, literally overnight, you must master holiday return policies, mentally prepare for the onslaught of unsatisfied and panicked gift givers, and practice your holiday greeting.  Perhaps the most… Continue reading I’m Losing the War on Christmas

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Brock Allen Turner

By now, you ought to know the details  - young man sexually assaults unconscious woman behind a convicted of 3 felonies...sentenced to 6 months in jail. You also know all about his swimming talent, that he was an All-American athlete and a Stanford each of these things somehow makes his crimes ok. Thanks… Continue reading Brock Allen Turner

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Me Before You

I don’t remember why I really wanted to read Jojo Moyes’s book Me Before You. I read it well before the movie was released, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. (Spoilers ahead.)  I knew the book had something to do with a quirky girl (Louisa) and a quadriplegic (Will), and… Continue reading Me Before You