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“Boys will be Boys” and that is the whole of the problem

A 25 year old candidate for congress from the ultra conservative region of western North Carolina (the same district where Trump’s Chief of Staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows is from) has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple young women. Briefly, Madison Cawthorn has been accused of repeatedly forcefully kissing young women who have said… Continue reading “Boys will be Boys” and that is the whole of the problem

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#MeToo and Christian Men

When I first noticed the rise of the #MeToo posts on social media, they came from the places I most expected - my friends who were active in politics and media, friends with their fingers on the pulse of social media campaigns and who were always the first to react. Slowly, however, the #MeToos began… Continue reading #MeToo and Christian Men

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Brock Allen Turner

By now, you ought to know the details  - young man sexually assaults unconscious woman behind a convicted of 3 felonies...sentenced to 6 months in jail. You also know all about his swimming talent, that he was an All-American athlete and a Stanford each of these things somehow makes his crimes ok. Thanks… Continue reading Brock Allen Turner