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Dear Congressman

I complain often enough on social media about Congress, especially regarding their treatment of the military. But complaining doesn't change anything. So I decided to contact a few Representatives who are doing some positive work for military families and let them know how I feel. --- Dear Congressman, I must first confess that, as a Navy… Continue reading Dear Congressman

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The Worst Thing a Civilian Has Ever Said to Me

People always have interesting things to say when we talk about my husband being in the Navy. There are a lot of crazy misconceptions going around, like I get my groceries for free and don’t have to pay taxes (I wish). There are a lot of probing questions, too... I am not sure why Kyle’s… Continue reading The Worst Thing a Civilian Has Ever Said to Me

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What to do about Colin Kaepernick on 9-11

  Lining the roads on Ford Island this weekend are thousands of boots decorated with tiny American flags, leis, and flowers. Each boot has a photo and represents a soldier, sailor, or airman who has died since September 11, 2001. The sheer number of boots on display is truly overwhelming.  Every year, Fisher House hosts… Continue reading What to do about Colin Kaepernick on 9-11

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Yesterday Was the Worst

  No one told me that I would have nothing to say when I needed to say goodbye...that I, usually never loss for words, would think of literally nothing. No one told me about the confusion my heart would feel, somehow both proud and completely terrified of what you were going to do.  No one… Continue reading Yesterday Was the Worst

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In Search of Pre-Deployment Advice

I’ve been googling things like “Tips for Emotionally Preparing for Deployment” for a few weeks now. Kyle is leaving soon, and I need help. I have so many questions. Can I fall apart? Should I cry for a day, and then move on? What is a normal adjustment period if I decide I can’t get… Continue reading In Search of Pre-Deployment Advice

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First Anniversary

When Kyle and I got married one year ago, I assumed learning to share a bed would be my greatest struggle. When my family vacationed, I was insistent that I would NOT share a bed. I yielded any hotel bed to my sisters, preferring instead to sleep on the floor. Dust bunnies are more desirable… Continue reading First Anniversary