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Book Bucket List: Getting to Yum

This book review is part of my 2018 Resolution to read more books of substance. It was chosen for the category "a book to make me a better parent." You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally when they’re ordering at a diner?  “I’d like the chef salad please with the oil and vinegar… Continue reading Book Bucket List: Getting to Yum

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A Mom’s Tale

My least favorite thing to hear since becoming a new mom is, "Just you wait," normally followed by something I've never experienced since my child is an infant and hasn't rolled over on her own yet, let alone been through puberty... When someone says that to me, it sounds like, because I haven't been a… Continue reading A Mom’s Tale

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Tiny Little Human | Review of Bringing Up Bebe

Many years ago, I posted on Facebook an article from Harper’s Bazaar that begged women to stop expecting themselves, as mothers, to "fall apart." The pride mothers seem to feel at  their lack of showers, lack of clean clothes, and lack of meals that didn’t consist of cold chicken nuggets or other child-centered leftovers was… Continue reading Tiny Little Human | Review of Bringing Up Bebe