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Brock Allen Turner

By now, you ought to know the details  - young man sexually assaults unconscious woman behind a convicted of 3 felonies...sentenced to 6 months in jail. You also know all about his swimming talent, that he was an All-American athlete and a Stanford each of these things somehow makes his crimes ok. Thanks… Continue reading Brock Allen Turner

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Me Before You

I don’t remember why I really wanted to read Jojo Moyes’s book Me Before You. I read it well before the movie was released, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. (Spoilers ahead.)  I knew the book had something to do with a quirky girl (Louisa) and a quadriplegic (Will), and… Continue reading Me Before You

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First Anniversary

When Kyle and I got married one year ago, I assumed learning to share a bed would be my greatest struggle. When my family vacationed, I was insistent that I would NOT share a bed. I yielded any hotel bed to my sisters, preferring instead to sleep on the floor. Dust bunnies are more desirable… Continue reading First Anniversary



I wanted to ease myself (and you) into my new blogging expedition, trying to avoid anything too confrontational or controversial in the first few days. But after days of failed attempts to think of something vanilla, I realized I was losing days and ideas, and I may as well just rip the bandaid off. So,… Continue reading Afraid