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“Boys will be Boys” and that is the whole of the problem

A 25 year old candidate for congress from the ultra conservative region of western North Carolina (the same district where Trump’s Chief of Staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows is from) has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple young women. Briefly, Madison Cawthorn has been accused of repeatedly forcefully kissing young women who have said… Continue reading “Boys will be Boys” and that is the whole of the problem

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Dear Congressman

I complain often enough on social media about Congress, especially regarding their treatment of the military. But complaining doesn't change anything. So I decided to contact a few Representatives who are doing some positive work for military families and let them know how I feel. --- Dear Congressman, I must first confess that, as a Navy… Continue reading Dear Congressman

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Never Trump

Ronald Reagan famously said that the he didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left him. The implication here is of course that Reagan’s beliefs didn’t change, but that the Democrats drifted so far left that they left (haha) him behind. Eighteen-year-old Megan voted Republican because she was raised to - raised to believe… Continue reading Never Trump