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Tiny Little Human | Review of Bringing Up Bebe

Many years ago, I posted on Facebook an article from Harper’s Bazaar that begged women to stop expecting themselves, as mothers, to "fall apart." The pride mothers seem to feel at  their lack of showers, lack of clean clothes, and lack of meals that didn’t consist of cold chicken nuggets or other child-centered leftovers was… Continue reading Tiny Little Human | Review of Bringing Up Bebe


The Right to Bare Arms

Dear Outraged Female Americans, It has come to my attention that you feel personally victimized by the circulating story that Paul Ryan required a female journalist to cover her shoulders while doing her job in the Speaker's lobby. Not only that, but apparently the professional dress code standard itself (suits and ties for men and… Continue reading The Right to Bare Arms

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Dear Congressman

I complain often enough on social media about Congress, especially regarding their treatment of the military. But complaining doesn't change anything. So I decided to contact a few Representatives who are doing some positive work for military families and let them know how I feel. --- Dear Congressman, I must first confess that, as a Navy… Continue reading Dear Congressman

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The Worst Thing a Civilian Has Ever Said to Me

People always have interesting things to say when we talk about my husband being in the Navy. There are a lot of crazy misconceptions going around, like I get my groceries for free and don’t have to pay taxes (I wish). There are a lot of probing questions, too... I am not sure why Kyle’s… Continue reading The Worst Thing a Civilian Has Ever Said to Me

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Less is Joy

Last month, I confessed to everyone that I am a shopaholic. And I told you that part of my New Year’s Resolution was to resist the temptation to purchase any article of clothing for the entire month of January. I am happy to report, I succeeded. In fact, I have done the opposite of buy clothes. I… Continue reading Less is Joy


New Year’s Confessions of a Shopaholic

I really wanted to start out this new year with an awesome post detailing all of my resolutions and intentions for 2017. I tossed around ideas like "blog once a week," "save for retirement," and "drink alcohol only on weekends." But, I am self-aware enough to know that I am too weak to promise anything… Continue reading New Year’s Confessions of a Shopaholic


I’m Losing the War on Christmas

If you have ever worked retail during the holiday season, you know the sheer terror that quakes in your soul when you realize Halloween is over and, suddenly, literally overnight, you must master holiday return policies, mentally prepare for the onslaught of unsatisfied and panicked gift givers, and practice your holiday greeting.  Perhaps the most… Continue reading I’m Losing the War on Christmas

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Paging Robin Hood | Review of Camille Perri’s The Assistants

I didn’t technically read Camille Perri’s book The Assistants. I listened to it. I don’t have quotes stockpiled in my trusty “Thoughtful Notebook,” and I didn’t spend time analyzing paragraphs for deeper concepts or hidden meaning. My review is far from academic. But this book struck me in a way few have.  The writing wasn’t… Continue reading Paging Robin Hood | Review of Camille Perri’s The Assistants

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What to do about Colin Kaepernick on 9-11

  Lining the roads on Ford Island this weekend are thousands of boots decorated with tiny American flags, leis, and flowers. Each boot has a photo and represents a soldier, sailor, or airman who has died since September 11, 2001. The sheer number of boots on display is truly overwhelming.  Every year, Fisher House hosts… Continue reading What to do about Colin Kaepernick on 9-11